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Pineland Fiddlers

Check out this wonderful spotlight on Ellen Gawler and the Pineland Fiddlers, featured in the Maine Folk Music & Dance Video Series 2022, brought to you by 317 Main Community Music Center, Yarmouth, Maine.

Central Maine's Pineland Fiddlers
Tour Shetland with the generous
help of the community!

​The Pineland Fiddlers had an amazing trip to the Shetland Islands last July to attend the Shetland Folk Frenzy. These young fiddlers played informally from an open mic to jam sessions, to the back of the bus. The Pineland Fiddlers also appeared on stage, performing at the Big Gig and with some of Margaret Robertson's Hjaltibonhoga musicians before they left for the Edinburgh Tattoo!

​The Pineland Fiddlers went on to Edinburgh for sight-seeing and local jam sessions at the pubs. It was truly the musical adventure of a lifetime!  Thank you to everyone who cheered us on, helped fundraise, and donated time, talent, or dollars!

Want the Pineland Fiddlers to play at your next dance, party, or event? 
Contact Ellen Gawler at

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