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Never Too Late

Learning music with the Mother Tongue Approach (Suzuki Method)


Do you want to start your child learning music? It is a beautiful adventure you and your children and your whole family can enjoy together. Dr. Suzuki believed that all children could learn music to a high level and that they would indeed be happier, kinder, more noble people by doing so! He believed that if children learn their mother tongue at a young age, why not also the language

of music?


For a successful and happy experience, here are the essentials:

*weekly private lessons

*daily listening to the reference recording

*daily practice with a parent who attends the lessons. The parent does not need to be a musician, but does need to bring a notebook and recording device. Phones with video cameras are wonderful to record sections of the lesson!

*attending group classes with other children for fun, motivation, and reinforcement of what they have learned.


How much will this cost?

*Sheet music and recording of the music your child will be learning. (Suzuki Violin or Cello School, Vol. 1). Pineland Suzuki School teaches violin, viola, and cello. About $20 for both sheet music and recording.



Mp3 recording

*Required reading is Shinichi Suzuki’s Book Nurtured By Love. There are several copies in the Maine library Minerva system, or it is available for sale online, used and new. $0- $14


*Lessons, 30 minute weekly lessons $880 per academic year

*Group class,  $285 for the year for a beginning “pre-twinkle” or Book 1 class

*Financial Aid is available.

*Violin,   around $300 is a good price to pay for a beginner violin. Do not buy any instrument without your teacher's approval! You will need to find out your child’s size. Also, Pineland Suzuki School has violins in all sizes to rent, $125 for the year.

How old does a child have to be to start learning?  Any age is a great time to start!

*Before birth to 3 years old – listen to, dance to, sing, and enjoy music!

*3-4 years old daily practice is “two minutes with joy five times a day”.

*5 and up – Teachers adjust their teaching style to each child’s age, personality, and interest, all with discipline, joy, and high standards!


What is the time commitment?

  • Daily practicing and listening. The length of time is based on your child’s age and motivation.

  • Weekly private lesson and about twice a month group class. Attendance is required. Group classes this year are at Hope Baptist Church, 726 Western Ave., Manchester.   about every other week for Book 1-3 students. Group class schedule is on the Pineland Suzuki School website.  All students perform at all-school concerts in December and March, a solo recital in May and other community concerts and performing opportunites though-out the year.

  • All parents are expected to volunteer for the PSS Benefit Concert in March. It is our major fundraiser of the year.


How do I register? New students, please make arrangements for private lessons with a teacher before registering. Your teacher will help you fill out the registration form which is on the website.


To find out if the Pineland Suzuki School program is a good fit for your child, please come to observe some lessons, group classes, and concerts.



Also, watch our concert videos!

Benefit Concert 2020

"We Love Maine: Celebrating through music what we love best about Maine"

May 2021 Concert “Springing Forward”



Visit Maine Suzuki Association to see what is offered to students through-out Maine.

Visit Suzuki Association of the Americas for a view of the Suzuki Method around the country and the world!


Let me know if you would like more information.      Best wishes on your musical journey!



Betsy Kobayashi

Artistic Director, Pineland Suzuki School


Pineland Suzuki School teachers

Betsy Kobayashi, violin and viola Manchester 215-9373

Lori Scheck, violin Waterville 872-9266

Ellen Gawler, violin and fiddle  Belgrade  446-5267

Jon Moody, cello   Manchester  522-3645

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