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Financial Aid Application


Pineland Suzuki School is committed to working with families so that our community's children can reach their musical dreams.  The Work Study Program offers a variety of jobs that parents can choose from, matching their personal gifts and schedules to ways they can help the school & pay for part of their child's tuition.  Selection continues to be based on merit and financial need.  Between raising money through various performances, including the Benefit Concert, offering the Work Study program, and soliciting support from local businesses, we strive to keep tuition within reach of as many families as possible.

Below is this year's Financial Aid form.  For more information, discuss your needs with your teacher. 

PSS Financial Aid Application


Financial Aid and Work Study
Meet our 2023-24 ShineOnCass Scholarship winners!



Hannah Forkey

My name is Hannah Forkey and it means the world to me to have been awarded this scholarship. I love to play the violin and only want to continue to improve with the instrument. Having this scholarship allows me to continue to improve like I want with extra lessons my mom could not afford otherwise. I am hoping to go far with the violin. I just love it so much. Thank you, Hannah


Jillian Golden

My name is Jillian Golden and I am so honored to receive a merit scholarship.  My goal for when I grow up is to be like Cassidy.  She was a wonderful soul and she is one of the greatest role-models that I could have.  With my violin I plan to follow music throughout my life, and again it is such an honor.  I was thrilled when I found out.

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