Letter to Parents

Post date: Sep 24, 2009 12:53:1 AM

Dear Pineland Suzuki School families,

Weather wise it has been a challenging summer. First the rain and then more rain and more rain and now the heat! The heat makes me really appreciate those cool rainy days!!!

But we made some wonderful music. Many students loved their intense learning experiences at NESI, Bay Chamber Next Generation Festival, Portland String Quartet Workshop, Apple Hill Chamber Music Festival, ASTA String Camp and in Ireland! PSS students played in Augusta at Capitol Park, by the river for the Spring Running, in Castonguay Square in Waterville and in Ireland! Students who came to the Wednesday group classes enjoyed especially the color-animal-character quiz!

How wonderful to see children working hard on beautiful tone, intonation, and natural balanced posture, with their spirits soaring! Dr. Suzuki showed us , with persistence and playfulness, how to bring out the amazing potential in each child! Yes, it is difficult to keep on practicing with young children every day. That is why we have planned many events this year to keep you motivated, joyful and playful! Our teachers LOVE music and teaching and come back to you refreshed from the summer with many new ideas!


Betsy Kobayashi