19th Annual Benefit Concert - "Perpetual Motion:  Music that Moves"

Preparations are underway for the Nineteenth Annual Pineland Suzuki School Benefit Concert, “Perpetual Motion: Music that Moves” to be held on Sunday, March 24, 2019, at Messalonskee High School Performing Arts Center. This concert showcases all of our students in front of a wide audience, students from the youngest “pre-twinklers” to the advanced middle and high school students, demonstrating Dr. Suzuki’s idea that all children can learn to play music masterfully and as naturally as they learn their mother tongue. This concert is much more than a musical performance — it is children excited about challenging themselves and working hard to achieve musical goals, learning to be sensitive to others and to be part of a team, serving others by creating beauty, by giving love, and by sharing one’s feelings through music. The quality of music at this concert promises to be, as it has been every year, truly awe-inspiring.

A major purpose of this concert has always been to raise funds in support of student scholarships, tuition, and other functions of the Pineland Suzuki School. Dr. Suzuki had a vision of making the world a more beautiful place through music. Thank you for your tremendous support of children who are helping to bring beautiful music to our community. 

Everything you need to solicit contributions is attached below. Copies will also be available at group class if you need.

1.  A letter addressed to “Friends of Music” requesting personal donations, items for silent auction and business ads.

2.  A contribution form appropriate for business advertisers.

3.  A contribution form appropriate for individual donors.

and Pineland Suzuki School brochures – not attached, but will be available at group class and ask your teacher if you need any. They are helpful for bringing to businesses to show who we are! 

Fundraising is a necessary part of participating in the Pineland Suzuki School.  There are many diverse opportunities to raise money:
  • visit local businesses and ask them to place an advertisement in upcoming concert programs
  •  solicit donations from friends and family
  • donate items for a Silent Auction
  • play in additional fundraising concerts
  • decide to contribute money yourself 
We understand that each family has their own skill set and comfort level around fundraising, so this is why we have so many different ways to get involved.  We have plans for several new fundraising events and additional concerts; if you have any ideas that you think might work, talk to your teacher!

However you choose to help raise money, your involvement is critical.  Money raised by the Pineland Suzuki Family significantly reduces the cost of group lessons for all students, and provides the work study monies needed by some families.  It also can be a terrific experience for children, as motivation to perfect pieces played in an upcoming concert or the opportunity to connect with new people about music in their life.

Below are the various forms you may need in your fundraising efforts, including:
  • selling advertisements in the concert programs
  • forms for sponsors (donations)
  • Poinsettia sales forms

Thank you very much for your family's support!

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Jan 10, 2019, 11:02 AM
Christina Kennedy,
Jan 10, 2019, 11:02 AM
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Jan 10, 2019, 11:03 AM