Chamber Music

Welcome to both new and returning chamber music students!

Pineland Suzuki School offers chamber music for intermediate and advanced students, Book 4 and up. Playing in a small group is an essential step to becoming an independent and mature musician.  With a single instrument on each part, this learning opportunity is also a great responsibility. Once the music has been provided, you are expected to learn the notes before each rehearsal. 

Deadline to sign up for Session 1 and 3 is August 31.   

Because of the immense benefits to students’ musicianship training, we highly recommended all Book 4 and up students take chamber music for at least one session and/or in the summer. Besides, it is so much fun!

Each session includes 6 coaching rehearsals and at least 1 concert. To keep our tuition fees reasonable, some performances will be for fund raising. Look at your schedule carefully to plan which session(s) you will attend. Each rehearsal and concert are required.  

Session 1:  every Friday 3:45-4:30 September 8-October 13   $75
for Pre-Capital Strings and Capital Strings
Concert 10/13 place TBD 

Session 2:  every Friday  3:45-4:30  October 20-December 1    $75
for  Pre-Capital Strings and Capital Strings
Perform at PSS Concert 12/8

Session 3:  Fridays before group class, 3:45-4:30     $75
For late Book 3 and Book 4 students,   Perform at PSS concert 12/8

Where? Non-group class days will be at Kobayashi’s studio in Manchester.  Group class days place TBD. See PSS group class schedule.

Register on Pineland Suzuki School registration form.

Christina Kennedy,
Aug 19, 2017, 6:03 PM