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Palaver Strings January 31 Concert at 7:00 PM
Originally based in Boston but now based in Portland, Maine, is a musician-led
string orchestra and nonprofit organization that seeks to take classical music beyond the concert
hall, engaging new and diverse audiences by examining social issues through the prism of artistic
expression; its name is derived from the Liberian expression “palaver hut,” meaning a place for
discussion and conflict resolution.
A quartet of Palaver Strings musicians will teach a workshop for Pineland Suzuki School students on
the afternoon of January 31. Then, at 7:00 pm they will present a free public concert of traditional
Scandinavian music and string quartets by Haydn and Dvorak, as well as collaborating on a couple
pieces with Pineland Suzuki School students.

Ken Hahn,
Jan 26, 2020, 3:48 AM